, Prolific Pro Fitness

How It All Started

“God Blessed us with our Vision through a pandemic.”

We all had to find a way to stay active – albiet some of us being primarily in-home for precautionary reasons.

The concept started with body weight workouts. You know, push-ups, squats, and various ab workouts. Basic right? Right. So, to keep us engaged, we decided to add different elements in our workouts like a deck of cards, not really giving it any thought,

THESE workouts blew us away and not only that, THEY were FUN!

We decided to go through the whole deck in one workout – with every suit being a different workout i.e. Push-Ups, Squats, Mountain Climbers – and the card number determining our reps.

To say the least, we were AMAZED how the workout PUSHED us to the MAX.

After brainstorming, we thought this would be awesome if we could present this to the world in a creative way. Our goal was to bring more intensity, as well as provide you with a great piece of workout equipment that EVERYONE should have in their homes. We designed the program to come with a quality set of push-up bars and a customized deck of cards – All contents tailored for a unique feel!

``It's an (All-in-one) In-Home workout PROGRAM, CHALLENGE and GAME that will keep YOU engaged.``

WE BELIEVE THAT EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE THE PROLIFIC PROGRAM FOR THEIR PRIMARY IN-HOME WORKOUT THIS IS A PERFECT addition for anyone wanting to stay active even when you’re not at home.

The Challenges alone will keep you engaged and wanting to come back for more. We encourage you to give it a try.


Bottom Line

“We are a company that Envisions having a Prolific Impact in the health and fitness industry by offering our customers unique innovative fitness solutions to meet their needs.” – Prolific Pro Partners L.L.C.

Stay tuned…More to come…

''Have Faith in God`` - Jesus